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In approximately 3047, the Tolnedran Empire signed the Accords of Val Alorn with the Kingdom of Cherek.

it normalised relations with the Rivan Kingdom permitting trade which the acquisitive Tolnedrans desperately sought.

Unfortunately, due to the basic nature of Alorn diplomacy, nobody actually notified the Rivan people of this agreement. When the Tolnedran merchants arrived on the Isle of the Winds, the population of Riva remained within their fortress city and ignored the visitors. The reputedly weak Emperor Ran Borune XXIV gave into the desperate demands of his merchant princes and attempted to force entry to Riva city instead.

The Rivan people, accustomed to a life of stalwart defence, easily repelled the Tolnedrans and devastated five entire Imperial Legions. When the Tolnedran Empire considered all-out war as revenge, the Cherek Ambassador to Tol Honeth observed in a famous note that Aloria itself would combine to destroy Tolnedra entirely if the Empire proceeded.

It wasn't until Belgarath himself spoke with the current Rivan King and explained the situation, that the Tolnedrans were permitted to build a trade enclave, and general war in the West was averted again.