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This page is written in the in-universe perspective of the "Garion" series' of novels.

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First AppearanceCastle of Wizardry

Adara was an Algar girl who was Garion's cousin and Hettar's wife.

Adara's Rose[]

During Garion's stay at Algaria it was revealed to him that Adara was his cousin, as her mother was Ildera's sister. He instantly became friendly with her and they shared a lot of time with one another. One day she asked him if his sorcery would be able to make Hettar (whom she had a crush on) love her. Garion could not do this, but instead created a flower for her from a twig and some dried grass. Because Adara was feeling sorry for herself after Garion revealed that he could not make Hettar love her, she left the flower.

When the Battle of Thull Mardu was approaching she found that her flower had spread its seeds and grown in patches. After looking at it and naming it Adara's Rose, Ariana wondered whether it had any medicinal qualities and asked Lady Polgara to check. Although Polgara was unable to find medicinal values, the Rose was actually able to cure Thalot, which was previously impossible. This was not discovered until Zakath was poisoned by Naradas using it. Sadi did not know of an antidote and Polgara claimed that she could not cure him. Cyradis was summoned and she revealed to them that the scent of a flower by the Rose's description would be able to cure the effects of the Thalot.

Adara used the Rose's fragrance as perfume as it seemed that Hetter liked the smell.

Adara accompanied Garion and his companions to the caves of Ulgo. When Ce'Nedra saw her she beleived that Garion had met and fallen in love with another girl. It was this incident that lead to Ce'Nedra admitting she loved Garion.

Hetter and Adara

Ce'Nedra's Army[]

Adara (along with Ariana and Ce'Nedra herself; the three were good friends) were some of the few women in Ce'Nedra's army. She usually spent time with the other women and did not usually fight. When she felt a bit bored Ce'Nedra invited her to ride out onto some plains on their horses. After Hettar spotted them he began to tell them off because of Murgo sightings on the plains. As she was talking to Hettar a Murgo appeared with a crossbow and aimed at Hettar, which caused her to ride in front of him and take the bolt. It punctured her lungs and she was rushed to the camp be treated.

She believed that she was on her death bed and she reveals to Hettar that she had loved him all along. Hettar had to tell her that she was not dying, and when she threatened to run away because of embarrassment, he told her that he would track her down using his powers as a Sha-Dar. They later married and had several children.