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This page is written in the in-universe perspective of the "Garion" series' of novels.

"We had ridden out from the Stronghold once -it was in the winter when everything was locked in frost. The grass was brown and lifeless, and all the leaves had fallen from the bushes. I asked him about sorcery -what it was and what he could do with it. I didn't really believe in sorcery -I wanted to, but I just couldn't bring myself to believe. He took up a twig and wrapped some dry grass around it; then he turned it into a flower right in front of my eyes."

Errand nodded. "Yes, that's the kind of thing Garion would do. Did it help you to believe?"

She smiled. "Not right away -at least not altogether. There was something else I wanted him to do, but he said that he couldn't."

"What was that?"

She blushed rosily and then laughed. "It still embarrasses me," she said. "I wanted him to use his power to make Hettar love me."

"But he didn't have to do that," Errand said, "Hettar loved you already, didn't he?"

"Well -he needed a little help to make him realize it. But I was feeling very sorry for myself that day. When we rode back to the Stronghold, I forgot the flower and left it behind on the sheltered side of a hill. A year or so later, the whole hillside was covered with low bushes and these beautiful little lavender flowers. Ce'Nedra calls the flower 'Adara's rose,' and Ariana thought it might have some medicinal value, even though we've never been able to find anything it cures. I like the fragrance of the flower, and it is mine in a sort of special way, so I sprinkle petals in the chests where I keep my clothes." She laughed a wicked sort of little laugh. "It makes Hettar very affectionate," she added. - Errand and Adara discussing the Rose's origins.

Adara's Rose was a small lopsided flower that grew on a bush and had a wonderful aroma. The plant came to be when Adara asked Belgarion to demonstrate sorcery to her. The flower left behind flourished and was discovered by Ce'nedra, Adara, and Ariana while they were on an excursion from the Algar Stronghold.

Adara always wore the perfume of this rose as Hettar seemed to enjoy the scent of it and it made him "affectionate".

Folowing Zakath's poisoning in Cthol Murgos Cyradis instructed Polgara to have him inhale the scent to purge the poison. This is the only known cure for Thalot.