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This page is written in the in-universe perspective of the "Garion" series' of novels.
A is for Aldur by evolra

Aldur was the eldest of the seven Gods - known as the "God Who Stands Alone", as he took no race of people; he did take, however, a small group of disciples: Belgarath, Belzedar, the twins Belkira and Beltira, Belsambar, Belmakor, Beldin, Poledra, Polgara, Belgarion, and Beldurnik. His totem animal was the owl, and his associated color was blue.

After Aldur and his brothers created the world, Aldur refused to take the seventh part of mankind to worship him, leaving the Dals godless. Instead, he took his disciples, prepending Bel- to their names. Polgara and Poledra are also counted among the Disciples, as is mentioned by the prefix Pol-, being the feminine of Bel-. At one stage, Aldur also names Polgara as his Beloved daughter. The Disciples all at some time took residence at the Vale of Aldur, where each disciple up until Poledra had their own tower. Aldur also possessed a tower, wherein natural resources were apparently inexhaustible. Belgarath and the other disciples strived to emulate their master, and even grew to physically resemble him.


Aldur holding the Orb

The Orb of Aldur was a powerful half of the stone at the centre of the Universe, polished into a roughly spherical shape by Aldur's hand, after it fell to earth. Torak coveted the stone; therefore he smote Aldur and stole it, causing the War of the Gods, in which the world was cracked apart. The Orb did not appreciate such use; therefore Torak was maimed by the Orb's chastisement. While the Orb before could be touched by anyone, it will now only accept the touch of those with absolutely no ill intent in their heart and those of the line of Riva Iron-Grip. Anyone else who touches it would be met with certain death. After two thousand years, the stolen Orb was retrieved, and all the gods save Torak departed from the physical world. More so than his brothers, Aldur remained in spirit to guide his disciples and the course of the Prophecy of Light.

In Castle of Wizardry, Belgarath calls to Aldur, asking him to help give the fenlings the ability to speak, on the behalf of the witch, Vordai.