This page is written in the in-universe perspective of the "Garion" series' of novels.

Algar Fleet-foot was the second son of Cherek Bear-shoulders, who was the last king of unified Aloria, and the brother of Riva Iron-grip and Dras Bull-neck. Algar was the founder and the first king of Algaria.

According to Polgara, Algar was much more intelligent than his brothers and father, but could go for days without saying a word – largely because he didn't see the point in conversation. Like his brothers and father, he was extremely tall, but he was leaner than them. He earned his last name by being a very fast runner. Polgara was given the chance by Algar to be his wife, but had to refuse. She much later admitted to her father, Belgarath, that if things had been different, she might have 'set her cap' for him. He established the cattle fair at Muros – which had profound long-term economic effects in the West. Later in life he talked more, put on a bit of weight and looked fairly impressive.