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This page is written in the in-universe perspective of the "Garion" series' of novels.

Algroths were a species of monster dwelling in Ulgoland. It resembled a scaly ape with goat-like features. Their claws were poisonous, and made hooting sounds when in battle.

Algroths were created by the Gods during the Period of Making. When they were first beheld, they were branded as unseemly and the Gods rose their hands against them in a bid to destroy them. However, UL forbade this, and the Algroths were sent to the mountains instead.

When the first Gorim reached the peaks of the Ulgo mountains, they were among the creatures that sustained him as he beseeched the father of the Gods to become his God and the God of his people. When Gorim asked for UL to accept the Algroths, UL dismissed them as unseemly creatures and refused. Gorim remained, and UL was troubled by his holiness. Finally, UL accepted them and they became subjects of UL, living in peace with the Ulgos.

At the Cracking of the World, the Algroths went mad. They attacked Prolgu, killing many Ulgos. During the millenia that followed, Algroths migrated down to occupy parts of forest in Arendia.

Thousands of years later, a pack of Algroths attacked Garion and his group in Arendia. Hettar and Barak attacked them, with help from Lelldorin. However, they group fled to Elgon's Tor, where they were held at bay with huge rocks. On the way, however, a lone Algroth slashed Lelldorin with its claws. Lelldorin almost died, but was saved at the appearance of Mandorallen, who charged the Algroths and drove them into the forest, where he, Hettar and Barak eliminated them.

Later, in Ulgoland, another pack discovered the group. Belgarath expressed the concern that as they were near the den, they would almost certainly attack. The three warriors chose to attack them instead.

But suddenly a half-dozen snarling Algroths were in the road in front of them, their arms spread wide and their mouths gaping hideously. They were huge, with apelike arms and claws instead of fingers. -Queen of Sorcery