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This page is written in the in-universe perspective of the "Garion" series' of novels.

 Alten (4041-4080) was an heir to the Rivan Line, the son of Davon and Alnana. Born in Muros, he was initially apprenticed to a cobbler, but after the family's location was discovered by the Murgos, the sorceress Polgara uprooted them and moved them to her home on Lake Erat so that Alten's grandparents, Geran I and his wife Eldara could pass on.

In 4068, Polgara again relocated the family to Darine, where she then nudged Davon and Alten into becoming furriers and dressmakers, as she felt that Alten was too shy around women and was afraid that he'd become a confirmed bachelor. Not long after, Alten finally met his future wife, Ellette. After short courtship, they married. In 4071, she gave him a son, Geran II.

In 4080, a pestilence spread through Darine, and Alten, Ellette, and Davon all died. Polgara took Geran and raised him herself.