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This page is written in the in-universe perspective of the "Garion" series' of novels.

Anheg is the reigning King of Cherek during the time of the return of the Rivan King. He was surprisingly well-read and deceptively intelligent considering the violent war-like people he led, earning his nickname, "Anheg the Sly". His library, indeed, was one of the greatest in the West, and Belgarath respected him as a clever man and a fine scholar. He was married to Queen Islena, whom he loved dearly despite the fact he once claimed he certainly didn't marry her "for her brains". He was the cousin of Barak.


Anheg's capital at Val Alorn

He was often viewed as a highly conservative and rather direct man, a stereotypical Cherek in most respects; however, in actuality he was very shrewd and well educated. He wasn't, however, above playing to the Cherek stereotype when it was to his advantage.

After the death of Torak, Anheg was framed for the murder of the Rivan Warder, Brand. His name was later cleared after the document that gave the assassins permission to enter the Citadel was proved to be a forgery.