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This page is written in the in-universe perspective of the "Garion" series' of novels.
RaceMibrate Arend
First AppearanceQueen of Sorcery

Lady Ariana, the sister to Baron Oltorain, was a slender blonde Mibrate physician who nursed Lelldorin of Wildantor back to health after his poisoning with Algroths's venom. The two became "friends" and eventually ran off together, marrying and causing several major incidents in the process, including Lelldorin, killing several horses, shooting Baron Oltoain in the foot, beating a priest, and stabbing his own cousin Torasin.

Lelldorin and Ariana by evolra

Ariana with Lelldorin by Elvora

Lady Ariana was at the Battle of Thull Mardu and worked in the tent healing the wounded.

The look she directed at Lelldorin, however, immediately dispelled any hope. Garion shuddered inwardly at the total lack of anything resembling reason in the gaze these two exchanged. Ariana would not restrain Lelldorin as he crashed headlong into disaster after disaster; she would encourage him; she would cheer him on. -Castle of Wizardry