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This page is written in the in-universe perspective of the "Garion" series' of novels.

Ashaba was a location in in the Karand kingdom of Katakor. The castle there, also known as the house of Torak, was where Torak lived after the theft of the Orb of Aldur by Belgarath the sorcerer. Following the theft, Torak’s destruction of Cthol Mishrak and the expulsion of the Murgos, Nadraks and Thulls, Torak oversaw the construction of Ashaba and withdrew there for many long years.

Torak’s time in Ashaba would see him withdraw even further from the affairs of his Empire than he already had, leading to a period of growing power for the military in Mal Zeth and the weakening of the Priesthood in Mal Yaska.

Torak would depart Ashaba and return to Mal Zeth in order to wage his Great War upon the West. Torak would never return to Ashaba however following the events of the Battle of Vo Mimbre and Ashaba would be left to fall into disrepair, aided by the shoddiness of its construction.

Many years later it was used as a base of operations for Torak’s disciple Urvon and his supporters. Seeking Zandramas and a clean copy of the Ashabine Oracles Belgarath, Garion and their companions came to Ashaba at the same time, only to find themselves too late. After a trick from Zandramas led to Ce’Nedra bursting into the Throne Room where Urvon was holding court a battle began in which Velvet was able to slay Harakan fulfilling her part of the Prophecy, although Nahaz the Demon Lord was able to escape with Urvon.

Torak's time at Ashaba is notable because it was then that he was overcome by prophetic madness and penned the Ashabine Oracles.