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First AppearanceThe Ruby Knight

Aslade was Kurik's wife, the mother of Khalad and his three full brothers. She was a plump, motherly woman who impartially mothered everyone to excess. She was dearly loved by Sparhawk and Sephrenia and adored by her husband. According to Kurik, Aslade was pursuing him from the time of her early teens, and took him into her father's hayloft to do some "serious persuading" to get him to marry her. Her love for him is extraordinarily giving; when she learned of Kurik's dalliance with young Elys, she went and met the girl to determine which of them would be better for him. She liked Elys, however, and fully accepted the existence of Talen. After Kurik's death, she invited both of them to live on the farm with her and her sons.