One of the Elder Gods of Styricum, Azash was the god of the Zemochs. Imprisoned by the Younger Gods of Styricum in an idol, his shrine was discovered by Otha and Azash promised to reward him if Otha brought a sacrifice and surrendered his soul to him. He is the force behind the antagonists in The Elenium. Those who gave their soul to Azash were given extraordinary powers but usually at the price of their sanity. Many of Azash's followers partook in disgusting demonic rituals of torture and even eat other humans while they still live. Azash could summon terrible creatures to serve him, such as a Damork or a Seeker.

He claimed to be the father of Aphrael, but she insisted that the Thousand Younger Gods of Styricum, including herself, willed themselves into existence via the strain caused by the discord of the Elder Gods. He was destroyed by Sparhawk and the Bhelliom at the climax of The Elenium.