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This page is written in the in-universe perspective of the "Garion" series' of novels.

Battle of Vo Mimbre
Part of the War of the Gods
Date Summer 4875 (Lasting 3 Days)
Location Vo Mimbre, Arendia
Result Decisive Western Victory, Angaraks almost completely destroyed
Army of the West
Kingdom of Riva
Kingdom of Cherek
Kingdom of Drasnia
Kingdom of Algaria
Kingdom of Arendia
Empire of Tolnedra
Kingdom of Sendaria
The People of Ulgo
Empire of Mallorea
Kingdom of Cthol Murgos
Kingom of Mishrak ac Thull
Kingdom of Gar og Nadrak
Commanders and leaders
Belgarath the Sorcerer

Polgara the Sorceress Brand of Riva

Kal Torak
Zedar the Apostate
Casualties and losses
Minimal Very heavy (almost all Angarak forces were destroyed)

The Battle of Vo Mimbre was the final battle in the Second Western-Angarak conflict. It was at this battle that Brand, acting as the Child of Light stabbed Torak in the eye in a one on one duel, apparently killing him.


Due to the Tolnedran Legions being delayed, both Belgarath and Polgara were forced to delay the oncoming Angarak Army by 5 days. They Achieved this by taking 1000 Mimbrate Knights, commanded by the Baron of Vo Mandor, and 1000 Asturian Archers, commanded by the Baron of Wildantor. They trapped the Angaraks at the Bridges over the River Arend, the Knights would destroy the bridge, and the Archers would shoot the Angaraks that tried to rebuild it. This was very effective and they therefore stalled the Angaraks successfully for 5 days, with virtually no casualties.

A second group of Southern Mallorean Angaraks were buried by a freak snowstorm, the worst blizzard of recorded history, in Northern Cthol Murgos. When it abated, the column was mired in fourteen-foot snowdrifts that persisted until early summer.

The Battle[]

On the First Day of the Battle, Torak ordered Zedar, his commander in the field, to take Vo Mimbre with siege weapons. However, the Angaraks placed their siege weapons within range of the Asturian Lonogbows, the archers showered the siege engines with arrows and whilst the Angaraks fled from the arrows, the Mimbrate Knights came out from the city and destroyed the siege engines. Thus ending the First Day.

On the second day, Zedar created larger trebuchets which could fire at the walls outside of the range of the Asturian archers. However, the Twins created trebuchets to destroy Zedars', thus ending the second day of the Assault.

On the Final day, the Tolnedran Legions arrived and so the garrison of Vo Mimbre came out to confront the besieging army. It started with the Charge of the Mimbrate knights, which was to pin the Mallorean Center down, this however sparked whole reams of pathetically bad poetry by the poets of Mimbre. However, co-ordinated attacks by the armies of the West eventually resulted in the deaths of all the Angarak Kings, forcing Torak to confront Brand in a duel. During the duel, Brand unveiled the Orb of Aldur embedded in his shield, and while his opponent was reeling, Brand slid his swords into the Eye that Was Not. Torak collapsed. The Angarak armies were nearly totally destroyed.