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This page is written in the in-universe perspective of the "Garion" series' of novels.

Belmakor (born Makor), was a Disciple of Aldur.

Makor was a Melcene, and like most Melcenes was a very well spoken, meticulous fellow. He became a Disciple of Aldur and the prefix "Bel" was added to his name, so that he became known as Belmakor. He, along with Beldin, were considered the smartest of Aldur's disciples. So smart in fact, that he had already realized that they had been summoned by Aldur and that none of them had actually arrived by coincidence. Beldin and Belmakor had intense philosophical debates, which they both enjoyed immensely.

Belmakor commited suicide via sorcery after Belsambar's suicide due to what he perceived as the declining state of the world. Belgarath hinted at the possibility that Belmakor had either become aware of Zedar's Apostacy before the others, and this may have been what caused his depression and eventual suicide, or that Zedar had aided his descent into depression through psychological manipulation. This is only speculation, however.