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This page is written in the in-universe perspective of the "Garion" series' of novels.

Beltira and Belkira, known together as "The Twins", were twin sorcerers. They began life as Alorn shepherds and became the third and fourth Disciples of Aldur. Their primary task was the study and interpretation of prophecy. However, they did have other interests, for example, they instructed Polgara in cooking and were the resident beer brewers in the Vale of Aldur. They furthermore had an "uncontrollable urge [as shepherds] to feed things". They were also extremely competent mathematicians. Their favorite color was white and their preferred animal forms were a pair of white doves.

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They were exceptionally gentle and patient men. This was of a necessity when they tutored Belsambar and in their later task as decipherers of the Prophecies of Light. They were extremely close, and in fact their minds were so closely connected they finished each other's sentences. Beltira and Belkira's connection was put to good use as the two of them spent many centuries deciphering the Mrin and Darine Codices. Their bond allowed them to read the prophecies at the same time and hence know when they hit a correspondence between the two. As a result, the twins usually stayed in the Vale while the others went out to save the world. There were a few exceptions to this, such as the War of the Gods, the Battle of Vo Mimbre, and the Battle of Thull Mardu.

That pair of gentle Alorn shepherds have been so vital to what the rest of us have done that in a rather special way, they've been our guides. We run around the world in response to what they discover. The Necessity usually doesn't bother to talk to us. It talks to the twins instead.
Belgarath the Sorcerer