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This page is written in the in-universe perspective of the "Garion" series' of novels.

Berig was a former Arendish serf, as he was garbed in the ragged tunic typical of an Arendish serf and used to decorate trees for his lord's apple orchard. He had a disagreement with his lord over a pig, and when talk shifted to include hanging, Berig decided to try his luck in a different country. He was taller and bulkier than Reldo. He was a gold digger in the foothills of the District of the Marags.

Berig also rightly knew that Mandorallen, as a Mimbrate knight, would never lie and was nigh unbeatable, even without knowing Mandorallen's reputation.

"Don't be an idiot, Reldo," the big Arend told him. "That one with all the steel on him is a Mimbrate knight. There aren't enough men on the whole mountain to stop him, if he decides to go through here." He looked warily at Mandorallen. "What're your intentions, Sir Knight?" he asked respectfully.

"We are but following the trail," Mandorallen replied. "We have no interest in thy community." The Arend grunted. "That's good enough for me. Let them pass, Reldo." He slid his sword back under his rope belt.

"What if he's lying?" Reldo retorted. "What if they're here to steal our gold?"

"What gold, you jackass?" the Arend demanded with contempt. "There isn't enough gold in the whole camp to fill a thimble - and Mimbrate knights don't lie. If you want to fight with him, go ahead. After it's over, we'll scoop up what's left of you and dump you in a hole someplace." -- Magician's Gambit