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Sir Berit

TitlesPandion Knight
First AppearanceThe Diamond Throne

Berit is initially encountered as a trainee Pandion Knight who is of a similar size to Sparhawk - a fact used to disguise Berit as Sparhawk to deceive some of Sparhawk's enemies. During the events described in The Diamond Throne Berit made it his personal mission to teach the young thief Talen about the history of Elenia. These lessons also helped Talen achieve a somewhat higher sense of humility as Berit met Talen's bad behaviour and disrespect with a swift kick from his plated boots.

In The Sapphire Rose he nurses a strong attraction to the lovely Queen Ehlana, and spends a little time resenting Sparhawk for having married her, although he seems to have gotten over this by the end of the book. After the events of The Sapphire Rose he is promoted to a full member of the Pandion order.

In 'The Tamuli' he is chased by woman of all races (It's something about his eyelashes...) and in the end ends up in a relationship with the bare-breasted Empress Elysoun which only last a short period due to the fact she is married and a Valesian who practices free love, until she gets pregnant. His endless attractiveness to women causes a rift between him and fellow Pandion Kalten when Kalten believes Alean is in love with Berit.