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Sparhawk by adamantis-d5tacvp

Sparhawk wields Bhelliom

The magic stone Bhelliom's true history and character are largely unknown until the middle and end of The Tamuli. Bhelliom is a spirit that was "born" at the beginning of the universe. It traveled the universe, creating blue worlds. It is stated in The Shining Ones that it has made millions of worlds, and it thinks of each of them as its daughter. When it created the Earth, there was too much red dust (i.e. iron) in the mixture, which hurts Bhelliom, trapping it in the center of the Earth. Ghwerig, a deformed, outcast Troll, found Bhelliom as a solid sapphire gem and carved it into a beautiful rose. It is revealed by the Troll Gods that Ghwerig will need to make rings out of Bhelliom itself to have the ability to command its immense power. Adian, a Thalesian hero, ventured into Ghwerig's cave and stole Bhelliom. After he finished the rings, Aphrael cleverly stole them. It is unknown how long this took; however, Ghwerig himself says it took ten years to carve one petal. Bhelliom is passed down from Thalesian kings, and when King Sarak dies in a battle, Bhelliom is thrown into a lake, where it rests for half an eon. When Sparhawk and company come across it, is believed to be merely an extremely powerful artifact, nothing more. However, Bhelliom is shown to have a conciousness, even a personality and quirks. Bhelliom is revealed to be the creator of Sparhawk, who is really Anakha, the man whose destiny is not percieved by the gods. Bhelliom created Sparhawk to help free itself from the Earth. Even later in the Tamuli, it is revealed that Bhelliom does not just have power, but enough power to trap and kill gods, and that the rings are merely a show so that no one could know its true power. Sparhawk himself says that if all of the gods in all the worlds in the universe combined together, they still could not defeat Bhelliom.


The Hidden City reveals that Bhellion has an eternal enemy, called simply Klæl, that constantly vies with it for the worlds Bhelliom creates. At the end of the Tamuli, after Klæl is defeated and banished, Bhelliom departs from the world, to continue its journey among the stars creating worlds, but not without a few parting gifts. When Vanion and Sephrenia are married, Bhelliom reverses their ages to their early twenties. Bhelliom also accelerates the evolution of Xanetia and the Delphae so that they may also depart and join the stars. Finally, at Sparhawk's request, all the powers of Anakha are removed from him, allowing him to resume a normal human life.