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This page is written in the in-universe perspective of the "Garion" series' of novels.

Brendig was a Sendarian baronet, and advisor to King Fulrach. As a captain for the Sendarian army, he was tasked with detaining and bringing Belgarath and his party to the capitol during the early days of the hunt for the Orb of Aldur (Pawn of Prophecy). Brendig's great-uncle was the Earl of Erat (probably the town, as opposed to the area). In the Castle of Wizardry, he had the rank of colonel, whose rise was rapid; he was one of King Fulrach's trusted advisors. In Enchanter's End Game, he is described as "sober-faced" and "seemed utterly devoid of humor" and elsewhere, "a tall, sober-looking man with penetrating gray eyes." However, he was extremely thorough and detailed in the progress of the army.

He fought at the Battle of Thull Mardu, serving as an adjutant to Princess Ce'Nedra and giving her frequent reports. Brendig led a detachment of men to destroy a bridge leading to the island city, which collapsed on him and caused him to lose an arm.

In Guardians of the West, as a General, he escorted Belgarath, Polgara, and Eriond/Errand to Hettar as they passed through Sendaria to the Vale of Aldur as well as commanding the Sendarian troops at the Siege of Rheon against the Bear Cultists.

In Belgarath the Sorceror, he never smiled and was very comfortable with giving orders, including drastic acts (such as tossing Greldik into the freezing ocean to sober him up).