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This page is written in the in-universe perspective of the "Garion" series' of novels.
RaceDagashi Murgo
First AppearancePawn of Prophecy

Brill, also known as Kordoch, was a Dagashi assassin who discovered the location of Faldor's farm and the young Garion.

Brill was generally unclean and had one eye that looked in the wrong direction ("cast-eyed"). He posed as a farmhand at Faldor's farm. He tried to waylay Polgara and Garion when they first fled the farm, but was cudgeled from behind by Durnik. He perpetually dogged Garion and Polgara throughout their pursuit to recover the Orb of Aldur.

Brill is described as a medium-sized man having black hair and a scraggly black beard, and a cast to one eye, who was generally unkempt and did not bathe (he smelled of stale, musty clothing and rank sweat ... "an acrid reek of stale sweat that hung in his vicinity like a miasma"). His tunic and hose were patched and stained. He was unconversational.

Later, after attacking and killing Tarlek with an Adder sting it was revealed that Brill was really a Dagashi named Kordoch and he continued to pursue Garion and his companions.

Brill also caught Prince Kheldar at the Resupply Station on the South Caravan Route in Cthol Murgos and handed Kheldar to King Taur Urgas. The latter was planning to execute Kheldar were it not for the intervention of Relg.

Brill died in a hand to hand battle with Prince Kheldar at Rak Cthol where he mistimed a punch and was hurled over the railing and plummeted to his death down the cliffside of the city.

"Keep an eye out behind you, Kheldar," Brill threatened. "One day I'll be there." -Magician's Gambit