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This page is written in the in-universe perspective of the "Garion" series' of novels.

Chabat loses control of her demon

Chabat was a Murgo Grolim who serves as Agachak's second in the Temple of Torak in Rak Urga.

Her distinguishing features were the deep red scars inscribed into each of her cheeks. Cruel, powerful yet uncertain of that power, and extremely dangerous. She delights in the blood spilled in the Grolim rite of sacrifice, and, with her lover Sorchak, practises "witchcraft" (i.e. demon summoning) and rites considered obscene even by other Grolims. She was determined to summon a demon and with the new power challenge and unseat Agachak as the hierarch.

When Sorchak was killed by the snake Zith, Chabat swore vengeance on Belgarion and his companions. Though her ability at sorcery is limited, belying her elevation to the Purple at Agachak's insistence, she is highly dangerous with magic (despite similarly limited ability). She finally succeeded in summoning a demon and challenging Polgara. Polgara held the battle on the surface of the bay, where Chabat's concentration was strained and she lost control of her demon. With Aldur's help Polgara sent the demon back to hell, but it took Chabat with it, consuming her soul for an eternity of torment, an event that deeply saddened Polgara.