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The Belgariad and The Malloreon are a two-part fantasy epic written by David Eddings. This is a list of the major characters that appear in both parts of the story. (For a list of the races in the series, see Races in the "Garion" novels.) Note: All of the statements (deceased, married) are written from the current information by the end of the series.

Heroes of the Prophecy of Light[]

Note: These characters are the main protagonists to the story, arranged in order of first appearance. There are many other minor and supporting protagonists, including some royalty.

Name First Encountered Book where character joined the Party of Light Name in the Prophecy of Light
Garion Pawn of Prophecy Pawn of Prophecy "Child of Light" (Mrin Codex)
Polgara Pawn of Prophecy Pawn of Prophecy "The Beloved" (Mrin Codex)
Belgarath Pawn of Prophecy Pawn of Prophecy "Eternal Man" or "Ancient One" (Mrin Codex) or sometimes "Beloved Disciple"
Durnik (later Beldurnik) Pawn of Prophecy Pawn of Prophecy "The Man With Two Lives" (Mrin Codex)
Silk or Kheldar Pawn of Prophecy Pawn of Prophecy "The Guide" or "The Rat" (Mrin Codex)
Barak Pawn of Prophecy Pawn of Prophecy "The Dreadful Bear" (Mrin Codex)
Hettar Pawn of Prophecy Queen of Sorcery "The Horse Lord" (Mrin Codex)
Lelldorin Queen of Sorcery Queen of Sorcery "The Archer" (Mrin Codex)
Mandorallen Queen of Sorcery Queen of Sorcery "The Knight Protector" (Mrin Codex)
Ce'Nedra Queen of Sorcery Queen of Sorcery "The Queen of the World" or "The Bride of Light" (Mrin Codex)
Relg Magician's Gambit Magician's Gambit "The Blind Man" (Mrin Codex)
Eriond or Errand Magician's Gambit Magician's Gambit "Bearer of the Orb" (Mrin Codex)
Taiba Magician's Gambit Castle of Wizardry "Mother of the Race That Died" (Mrin Codex)
Toth Guardians of the West Guardians of the West "The Silent Man" (prophecy of the Dals)
Sadi The Queen of Sorcery King of the Murgos "The Man who is no Man"
Velvet or Liselle Guardians of the West King of the Murgos "The Huntress" (Mrin Codex)
Zakath Enchanter's End Game The Sorceress of Darshiva "The Empty One"
Poledra The Queen of Sorcery The Sorceress of Darshiva "The Woman Who Watches"

Antagonists (Champions of the Prophecy of the Dark)[]

  • Asharak, (Real name is Chamdar, deceased). A Murgo Grolim and disciple of Ctuchik. Killer of Garion's parents.
  • Ctuchik, (deceased) disciple and high priest of Torak. Resides at Rak Cthol in Cthol Murgos.
  • Zedar (Formerly known as Belzedar) disciple of Torak, but formerly a disciple of Aldur. For the change in his allegiance, Zedar is also called the Apostate.
  • Urvon, (deceased) disciple of Torak.
  • Zandramas, (Deceased) Grolim Priestess of Torak. Stole Belgarion and Ce'Nedra's son, Geran. She is the Child of Dark in the Malloreon.
  • Torak (deceased) One-Eye, the Dragon God of Angarak. One of the seven deities who created the world. Torak prefers to be called Kal Torak ("Kal" meaning "King and God").

Minor Antagonists[]

  • Brill, (Real name is Kordoch, deceased). A Dagashi assassin charged with disrupting Garion's quest.
  • Jarvik (deceased), a Cherek conspirator seduced by red Murgo gold
  • Nachak (deceased), the late Murgo ambassador to Arendia in the Queen of Sorcery
  • Y'diss (assumed deceased), the Nyissan steward of Count Dravor in the service of Queen Salmissra, attempted to capture Garion and his party in the Queen of Sorcery
  • Salmissra (at least in the Queen of Sorcery), the Queen of Nyissa
  • Grul (deceased), an Eldrak
  • Naradas (deceased), a white-eyed Grolim sorceror who pretended to be the wizard-advisor Erezel for Oldorin, king of Perivor. Zandramas' right hand.
  • Harakan (deceased), a Grolim priest and former Chandim associated with Urvon and Nahaz
  • Chabat (deceased), a Grolim priestess who practiced witchcraft/raising of demons
  • Nahaz, a Demon Lord
  • Mordja, a Demon Lord
  • The King of Hell

Royalty (during the Belgariad/Malloreon)[]

Name Nation Title Details
Geran, aka Geran VI Riva Crown Prince son of Belgarion and Ce'Nedra
Beldaran II Riva Princess daughter of Belgarion and Ce'Nedra, younger sister to Geran
Brand Riva Warder Guardian of the Orb
Fulrach Sendaria King husband of Layla
Layla Sendaria Queen wife of Fulrach
Ferna or Fernie Sendaria Princess daughter of Fulrach and Layla
Gelda Sendaria Princess daughter of Fulrach and Layla
Meldig Sendaria Prince son of Fulrach and Layla
Anheg Cherek King husband of Islena, and cousin of Barak
Islena Cherek Queen wife of Anheg
Ran Borune XXIII, (deceased) Tolnedra Emperor father to Ce'Nedra
General Varana, later Ran Borune XXIV Tolnedra Emperor adopted by Ran Borune XXIII
Cho-Hag Algaria King/Chief of Clan Chiefs husband to Silar, adoptive father to Hettar
Silar Algaria Queen wife of Cho-Hag
Rhodar (deceased) Drasnia King husband of Porenn, and uncle of Silk.
Porenn Drasnia Queen/Queen Regent wife of Rhodar, and aunt of Silk, mother of Kheva
Kheva Drasnia King son of Rhodar and Porenn, cousin of Silk and Urgit
Silk Drasnia Prince nephew of Rhodar and Porenn, cousin to Kheva, half-brother of Urgit
Korodullin Arendia King husband of Mayaserana
Mayaserana Arendia Queen wife of Korodullin
Gorim Ulgos/Ulgoland Gorim (high priest to UL)
Taur Urgas (deceased) Cthol Murgos King The Insane King
Urgit Cthol Murgos King son of Lady Tamazin and Silk's father, Silk's half brother
Prala Cthol Murgos Queen former Princess of the House of Cthan, married to Urgit as his ONLY wife
Salmissra Nyissa Queen Eternal Salmissra, as she is now a snake
Zakath, formerly Kal Zakath Mallorea Emperor (and Overking of the Angarak) husband of Cyradis
Cyradis Mallorea Empress, formerly Seeress of Kell wife of Zakath
Archduke Otrath Mallorea King distant relative of Zakath; crowned as an Angarak king by Zandramas in fulfillment of the Dark Prophecy
Xantha Dryad Queen Ce'Nedra's aunt

Disciples of Aldur[]

  • Beldin, the Dwarf. Ethnicity unknown because of his extreme deformities.
  • Belgarath, the "The Ancient and Beloved". First disciple of Aldur. Father of Polgara.
  • Belkira, an Alorn shepherd. Twin of Beltira.
  • Beltira, an Alorn shepherd. Twin of Belkira.
  • Belzedar, the Apostate. Originally one of Aldur's disciples, but later turned sides and became a disciple of Torak.
  • Belmakor, (deceased) the Melcene.
  • Belsambar, (deceased) the Angarak.
  • Beldurnik, the "The Man with Two Lives". He is taken as a disciple in The Malloreon. Husband of Polgara.
  • Belgarion, The Child of Light. Special status in ranks of disciples. Grand-son of Belgarath and Great-nephew of Polgara.
  • Polgara, "Beloved Daughter". Daughter of Belgarath and Poledra and aunt of Garion. Special status in ranks of disciples.
  • Poledra, "The Woman Who Watches". Wife of Belgarath and Mother of Polgara. Special status in ranks of disciples.


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Other Minor and Supporting Characters[]

Name Nationality Books


Olban (deceased) Rivan B4, B5 Brand's youngest son
Kail Rivan B4, B5, M1, M4, M5 Brand's son who takes over his responsibilities after Brand's murder
Arell (deceased) Rivan M1 Brand's niece
Delban Rivan B5 A master armorer
Torgan Rivan B4 owner of a glassblowing shop; master to Joran, who becomes his son-in-law
Joran Rivan B4, M1 a glassblower, initially apprenticed to Torgan
Adara Algarian B4, B5, M5 Garion's cousin and a lady in waiting for Queen Silar
Elvar Algarian B4, B5 Archpriest of Belar in Algaria; a member of the Bear-Cult
Maidee Cherek B1 a blue-eyed Cherek blonde with long braids who was sledding in the snow and gave Garion a kiss
Torvik Cherek B1, B5 chief huntsman of King Anheg
Krendig Cherek B1 a boat builder
Drolag Cherek M5 Barak's bosun
Grinneg Cherek B2, M2 cousin to Barak and King Anheg. Cherek ambassador at Tol Honeth
Martje Cherek B1 a formerly blind witch and seer
Elteg Cherek B2 Cherek sailor
Essia (deceased) Nyissan B2 formerly a consort for Queen Salmissra
Sariss (deceased) Nyissan M2 interim Chief Eunuch who deposed Sadi and conspired with Naradas
Y'sth Nyissan M5 a eunuch who aspires to become Chief Eunuch; disliked Sadi
Adiss (deceased) Nyissan M2, M5 interim Chief Eunuch during Sadi's sabbatical; a drug addict
Berentain Arend B2 a young Asturian nobleman who has Mimbrate sympathies
Berig Arend B3 an ex-Arenish serf living in the District of the Marags
Sir Andorig Arend B2 initially a doubter of Belgarath
Sir Helbergin Arend B2 a Mimbrate Knight who was injured when he went against Mandorallen in the previous tourney
Sir Haldorin Arend B2 Mandorallen's derisory kinsman
Baron Derigen Arend B2 a Mimbrate knight who was fighting Oltorain instigated by a Grolim
Baron Oltorain Arend B2, mentioned in B4 a Mimbrate Arendish nobleman, older brother of Ariana.
Baron of Vo Toral Arend B2 a Mimbrate who sold his countrymen as slaves in Nyissa
Count Reldegen Arend B2, B5 Lelldorin's uncle
Torasin (deceased) Arend B2, mentioned in B4, B5 Lelldorin's cousin, an Asturian
Sir Beridel Arend B5 son of Sir Andorig
Delvor Drasnian B2, M2 a merchant in Arendia (at the Great Arendish Fair)
General Haldar Drasnian M1 Chief of Staff for Queen Porenn; a Bear Cultist
Prince Khaldon Drasnian M2 ambassador to Tolnedra
Kheran Drasnian B3 a scruffy intelligence agent living in the District of the Marags
Count Kharel Drasnian B5 a senior member of the intelligence service
Vordai (deceased) Drasnian B4, mentioned in M1 Witch of the fens
Droblek Drasnian B2, B5, M2 official of the Drasnian Port Authority at Sthiss Tor in Nyissa (sometimes assumed "ambassador" or "representative"?)
Zereel Tolendran B2 the court wizard
Haldor Tolendran B2 a Tolnedra merchant, a member of the Council of Advisors
Radan (deceased) Tolendran B2 a Tolnedra merchant, a member of the Council of Advisors
Lord Morin Tolendran B2, B4, B5, M1, M2 Ran Borune XXIII's chamberlain
Jeebers Tolendran B2, M1 Ce'Nedra's tutor turned university librarian
Reldo Tolendran B3 a Tolnedran thug and gold-digger in the District of the Marags
Count Melgon Tolendran B5 Ambassador to Nyissa
Grand High Merchant Kalvor of Tol Horb Tolendran B3 a merchant who went from Rak Goska to Tol Honeth
Count Dravor Tolendran B2 a minor noble who has been drugged into working for the Nyissan Y'diss
Colonel Albor Tolendran B4 the Horbite commander of the Eighty-Third Legion -- primarily a ceremonial unit with its barracks inside the imperial palace at Tol Honeth
Count Valgon Tolendran B4 Ambassador to the Rivan Court
Count Brador Tolendran B5 Ambassador to Sendaria
Grand Duke Noragon of the House of Honeth (deceased) Tolendran mentioned in M1, M2 Was the candidate of the Honeth family to succeed Ran Borune as emperor, but had a bad case of shellfish
Xera Dryad B2, M1, M2 Ce'Nedra's Dryad cousin.
X'bel Dryad B2, M2 tawny haired Dryad who points a bow at Garion
Jaharb Murgo - Dagashi M2 Chief Elder of the Dagashi
Tajak Murgo - Dagashi M2 a Dagashi who brings the party to Jaharb at Mount Kahsha
General Kradak Murgo M2 a Murgo general
Lord Oskatat Murgo M2 and minor mentions in subsequent books Lord High Seneschal of the late Taur Urgas and then to Urgit
Lady Tamazin Murgo M2 and minor mentions in subsequent books wife of the late Taur Urgas and father to Urgit; Queen-Mother
Count Nilden Sendarian B1 King Fulrach's chief butler
Eilbrig Sendarian B1 Faldor's son-in-law and Anhelda's husband
Anhelda Sendarian B1 Faldor's only daughter and Eilbrig's wife


  • Doroon (deceased), a childhood friend of Garion's.
  • Rendorig, an Arendish childhood friend of Garion's.
  • Zubrette, a petite wily blonde Sendarian girl who was a childhood friend of Garion's and Garion's first "love".
  • Faldor, a Sendarian farmer and farm-owner
  • Brendig, first a captain who is sent to find Belgarath (Pawn of Prophecy) and later a colonel in the Battle of Thull Mardu and then finally a general for the Siege of Rheon.
  • Earl of Seline, a Sendarian nobleman and advisor to King Fulrach.
  • Nala, the old cook at Faldor's Farm who retired to make way for Polgara to take over as head cook
  • Lammer
  • Detton
  • old Weldrik (the oldest man in the district, who lived on Mildrin's farm)




  • the courtesan Bethra (deceased)
  • Kador (deceased), the head of the Vordue family and the Grand Duke of Tol Vordue, captured for treason.
  • Count Ergon or Elgon, a Honethite noble who had planned to murder Varana's son
  • Baron Kelbor (deceased), a Honethite noble who had planned to murder Varana's son and gave orders for the killing of Bethra


  • Issus, an assassin and mercenary


Angaraks and Malloreans:

  • Yarblek, a Nadrak merchant and mercenary, who became among the richest men in the world after partnering with Silk. One of the first Angarak allies of Belgarion and the West.
  • Grashor, a Nadrak in Kotu, Drasnia who dealt with the late Earl of Jarvik and introduced him to Asharak
  • Tarlek (deceased), a huge, fat Nadrak living in the District of the Marags who threatened Brill but was killed by him
  • Besher and Varn - Nadrak gold-hunters
  • Tashor - an old Nadrak trapper who first owned Vella
  • Vella, a spirited Nadrak woman
  • Tekk (deceased), a younger Nadrak trapper who owned Vella briefly
  • Vard, a seer/mystic and leader at the Isle of Verkat
  • Onatel of Verkat, a seeress who guides them into the forests of the southern Isle of Verkat
  • the Deranged Hermit of the Isle of Verkat
  • Brek, a soldier in the Mallorean army who found Garion and his party on the Isle of Verkat
  • Gart, a fisherman of the Isle of Verkat
  • Brador, Chief of Intelligence (Chief of the Bureau of Internal Affairs); Melcene official
  • Andel, a Dalasian healer/mystic and physician for Zakath
  • Actas, an alcoholic private in Mel Zeth
  • Onatel of Kell, a young Dalasian lady who befriended Velvet and Ce'Nedra
  • Dallan, a Dalasian mystic
  • Dolmar (deceased), Kheldar's factor in Mal Zeth; a Melcene
  • Balsca (deceased), a sailor who brings the plague to Mal Zeth
  • Atesca, Melcene General in Zakath's army; later, Commander-in-Chief of the armies of Mallorea
  • Captain Rakos of Silk's (and Yarblek's) private army
  • Kasvor - Kheldar's factor in Jarot, Celanta; a Melcene
  • Baron Vasca - Chief of the Bureau of Commerce
  • Captain Kadian, who transported Zandramas' party from Melcena to a beach south of Selda in Pendane
  • Nabros, a Melcene with the Bureau of roads in Peldane
  • Vurk, a deserter in the Royal Army of Peldane who planned with his corporal to check out the weather in Gandahar
  • Vetter, Silk's (and Yarblek's) factor in Melcena, formerly a secret policeman for Brador
  • Viscount Esca, a senior member of the Melcene Consortium
  • Rolla, an officer of Brador's secret police in Melcena
  • Senji, the club-footed one, a sorceror and professor in the School of Alchemy at the University of Melcena
  • Burk, a Dalasian shepherd, who welcomes the party of Light to Kell
  • Zelmit, the Nadrak factor for Silk and Yarblek in Yar Nadrak
  • Astellig, Sir - a knight of Perivor
  • Captain Kresca


  • Urtag, archpriest of Camat
  • Agachak (deceased), Dread Hierarch of Rak Urga and Cthol Murgos
  • Sorchak (deceased), Grolim Priest of the Green, killed by Zith
  • Morgat, the Hierarch of Rak Cthan
  • Arshag - a Grolim priest who could conjure the image of Nahaz in Karand
  • Pelath - former Grolim who becomes first disciple of Eriond

Unknown race of humans:

  • an unnamed gold hunter in both Nadrak and the Dalasian Protectorates (different people? same person?)