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This page is written in the in-universe perspective of the "Garion" series' of novels.

Character Info
Full name and title(s)
King Cherek Bear-Shoulders
Cherek II (great-grandson),
Daran I (grandson),
Dras Bull-neck (son),
Algar Fleet-foot (son),
Riva Iron-grip (son)
King of Cherek, Former King of Aloria

Cherek Bear-shoulders was the last King of all Aloria at the end of the Second Age.

Cherek accompanied Belgarath to Cthol Mishrak the steal the Orb of Aldur back from Torak. When they returned, Aldur instructed Belgarath to tell Cherek and his sons, Riva Iron-grip, Algar Fleet-foot, and Dras Bull-neck to divide up the kingdom of Aloria so as to better to defend the newly reclaimed Orb from he Angaraks. Thus, Aloria was broken up into the Kingdoms of Riva, Drasnia and Algaria, as well as the small remnant of the Kingdom of Aloria that he ruled, located on the peninsula that Val Alorn sat on (eventually known simply as Cherek due to his signing of royal documents with his own name instead of the kingdom's). He contented himself with being the King of the Ocean.