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This page is written in the in-universe perspective of the "Garion" series' of novels.
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Cyradis was a Dalasian Seer (a person who has the second sight), who was chosen to make the final choice between the Light and Dark Destinies at The Place Which Is No More (Korim). She first appeared to Errand (Eriond) at the Vale of Aldur then later to the others at Rheon in Drasnia. She was a slight girl with dark blonde hair and a blindfold around her eyes and was escorted by the mute Toth.

Cyradis by Agatha Macpie

Cyradis has the ability through the other seers to project herself to anywhere in the world and interact with those there. She is also aided by all Dalasians who respect her for her task of making the final Choice. She initially offers cryptic hints, mentioning various companions that the Child of Light must find, but later joins the party of the Child of Light "as a hostage" to Zakath to ensure their cooperation with him and for his companionship in the party.

During the final Choice at the High Places of Turim she began to panic, as she was unable to consult her people about the decision. Polgara removed her blindfold, making her able to see with human eyes. She then chose Eriond (Light) over Geran (Dark). Removing her blindfold caused her to permanently lose her second sight. She married the Mallorean Emperor Zakath, who had fallen in love with her over their travels.

She preferred flowers and simple garb as compared to ornate jewelry as empress.