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This page is written in the in-universe perspective of the "Garion" series' of novels.

The Dagashi were a subset of the Murgo people who were bred to be able to pass as people of the West, and subsequently lacked the facial scarification routine to their race. Often the mothers were selected from slave races. They were a secret society and were highly trained assassins. They only reported to Ctuchik and their own elders. They were sent into Western kingdoms such as Sendaria as spies and assassins. They were very efficient and discreet. A notable Dagashi was Brill who infiltrated Faldor's farm to track down the young Belgarion.

The customary weapon of the Dagashi is an Adder sting, a throwing blade that a skilled user can make curve in the air or even return.

The headquarters or "capital city" or chief city for the Dagashi is Kahsha, in the Great Desert of Araga in Cthol Murgos. (King Belgarion and the party ventured here during his quest to follow Prince Geran and met Jaharb, the Chief Elder.)

"The Dagashi are a secret society in Cthol Murgos," [Polgara] told him. "Trained killers-assassins. They answer only to Ctuchik and their own elders. Ctuchik's been using them for centuries to eliminate people who get in his way. They're very efficient."

"I've never been that curious about the peculiarities of Murgo culture," Barak replied. "If they want to creep around and kill each other, so much the better." He glanced up the hill quickly to find out if Hettar had seen anything behind them. "That thing Brill used might be an interesting toy, but it's no match for armor and a good sword."

"Don't be so provincial, Barak," Silk said, beginning to regain his composure. "A well-thrown adder-sting can cut right through a mail shirt; if you know how, you can even sail it around corners. Not only that, a Dagashi could kill you with his hands and feet, whether you're wearing armor or not." He frowned. "You know, Belgarath," he mused, "we might have been making a mistake all along. We assumed that Asharak was using Brill, but it might have been the other way around. Brill has to be good, or Ctuchik wouldn't have sent him into the West to keep an eye on us." He smiled then, a chillingly bleak little smile. "I wonder just how good he is." He flexed his fingers. "I've met a few Dagashi, but never one of their best. That might be very interesting." -- Magician's Gambit