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The Dals were the race of people predominant in the Dalasian Protectorates, and were related to the slave race of Cthol Murgos. A group of Godless Ones, their main seat of civilization was Kell; the rest of their villages were deliberately ruined towns. They had no ruler, but did have organisation, and at the time of Garion, the most respected among the Dals was Cyradis, the Seeress of Kell.

The Dals had many supernatural powers, such as necromancy, and being able to use the same method of telepathic communication as sorcerers, only on a much larger scale (including all Dals, even the slave race of Cthol Murgos). Their religion revolved around the two destinies, and they had no gods until after Zandramas was defeated, when Eriond became the god of the Angaraks and the Dals.

The Dals also have a holy book, the Mallorean Gospels, which is only found unadulterated at Kell. This book has an excerpt in the prologue of the Seeress of Kell and was given to Belgarath to find "The Place Which Is No More."

The Dals believe in several ages of man:

The First Age - Creation of Man, selection of peoples by the gods, War of the Gods

The Second Age - When Torak raises the Orb of Aldur and the land is divided to the task of Cherek Bear-Shoulders to seek the Orb of Aldur

The Third Age - The recovery of the Orb of Aldur by Riva Iron-Grip and family

The Fourth Age - Torak produces the Ashabine Oracles and the Assassination of the Rivan King Gorek

The Fifth Age - Torak is killed by Belgarion

(Understood: The Sixth Age - Cyradis makes the Final Choice and Eriond becomes realized as god of the Angarak.)