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A Damork battling Sparhawk.

Damorks, sometimes collectively known as Damorkim[1] (by the Delphae) are creatures created by Azash to fulfill his whims and act as slaves. They appear to be made of light as they shine brightly. They are soulless but extremely powerful creatures that can not normally be controlled by mortals.


Early history[]

At some point in the past, the Damorks were created by Azash to assist him in fulfilling his will.

Some time afterwards, the Pandion Martel, delving into the forbidden areas of Styric magic, was granted the ability to summon Damorks and presumably other slaves of the Elder God Azash. When at one point Sparhawk caught Martel with one in the woods, Sparhawk attempted to convince him to get rid of the creature, though Martel shrieked at him to leave.

Afterwards, Sparhawk notified Preceptor Vanion of the Damork, unaware of what it was, and Martel was eventually expelled from the Pandion order. Sephrenia, the High Priestess of Aphrael then explained what the Damork was and why it was so dangerous, then appealing to the Younger Gods of Styricum to exorcise it.

The Elenium[]

Upon Azash's destruction at Zemoch, the Damorks perished, though the fate of other minions of Azash such as the Seekers was left unclear.[1]

The Tamuli[]

While at Emperor Sarabian's palace, Sir Bevier asked Xanetia whether the renegade Styric Cyzada could summon Damorks or Seekers, to which she replied that they went extinct with Azash's demise, though she stated that she was uncertain about the Seekers.


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