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Daniel R. Horne is a illustrator and sculptor who painted the covers to the Book Club omnibus editions of The Belgariad.

Daniel Was born in Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania in 1960. He grew up in a home where his mother and grandmother were doll artists.

Daniel’s artistic awakening came from the paintings and sculptures of the Catholic church that he attended. It was the story telling that these works of art had that fired Daniel’s imagination and sent him down the road to becoming an artist and telling his own stories through his art.

Daniel has gone on to become the cover artist to the Hardy Boys book series and has made his mark in the fantasy field by painting some of the most memorable fantasy images of his generation.

It was not untill a friend sent a small sculpture of Saint Nick that the long dormant longings to create 3D images .Daniel didn’t have an interest in sculpture in art school but when he started to make his first doll, it felt like it was he was meant to be as an artist.


Belgariad1Cover1 Belgariad2Cover1


The Art of Daniel R. Horne