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This page is written in the in-universe perspective of the "Garion" series' of novels.

Character Info
Full name and title(s)
Prince Daran I, King Daran I
Cherek II (son),
Larana (wife),
Beldaran (mother),
Riva Iron-grip (father),
Polgara (maternal aunt),
Belgarath (maternal grandfather),
Poledra (maternal grandmother),
Algar Fleet-foot (paternal uncle),
Dras Bull-neck (paternal uncle)

King Daran I was the King of Riva from 2019 onward, and the son of Beldaran, and Riva Iron-grip. When he was a teen, his mother, Beldaran, died, deeply saddening him, and Belgarath forced him into his father's place as King of Riva as he was not incapacitated with grief like his father. He married Larana, the daughter of a minor noble, and in time they had a son whom they named Cherek II.