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Also refered to simply as Daresia or Tamuli (as the whole of the continent belongs to the Tamul Empire), Daresia is the continent to the east of Eosia. It is the native home of the Atans, Tamuls, Delphae, and Cyrgai, as well as the various other nationalities of the Tamul Empire (with the possible exceptions of the Elenes and Styrics, though Oscagne put forward the idea that all human races began in Tamuli and then spread west to Eosia).


Because the Tamul Empire controls essentially the entire continent, political power is focused in Matherion, although the Styrics have their own government centralized in Sarsos and the subject kingdoms each seem to have a monarchy with its own resident ruler and political administrations (with the exception of the island of Tega, which has a republic- a relatively new and unfamiliar system to most everyone outside of the island).

Daresia and Eosia are connected by a land bridge on the eastern border of Zemoch; due to Azash's presence and the exceedingly long overland journey, however, the main governments of both continents have had very little contact since the First Zemoch War at least, and likely well before then. (Oddly enough, however, the two continents are stated to be relatively accessible to one another by boat, and the church of Chyrellos apparently sends regular contacts to the church in Astel and recieves similar correspondence back, so the reason for the excessive estrangement is unclear.)

Daresia is only referenced on a few occassions in The Elenium, but is the setting of the vast majority of The Tamuli.