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This page is written in the in-universe perspective of the "Garion" series' of novels.

Davon (4013-4080) was an heir to the Rivan Line, the son of Geran I and Eldara. Raised in Muros, he was the first heir born to the family since the Nyissans attempted to exterminate the line in 4002. Under the guidance of his extended family, including his maternal grandfather Hattan and paternal aunt Polgara, he was initially apprenticed to a tanner, Alnik, but eventually found that he had a talent for estimating other peoples' shoe sizes, and thus became a cobbler. With Polgara and Hattan's help, he bought out Alnik's business and began focusing on shoes, and soon became known for making reliable, affordable shoes, adding new wealth to his already prosperous family.

After an extended bachelorhood, he finally married a pretty, sunny blonde girl named Alnana in 4039. In 4041, she gave birth to their first son, Alten.

In 4055, a Murgo learned of the family's existence, and they were forced to leave Muros. They spent several years at Polgara's home on Lake Erat before relocating to Darine in 4068. There, Davon and Alten began working with fur, with Alten becoming a furrier. Much to Polgara's concern, Davon formed a partnership with Nadrak fur-trader named Kablek in order to obtain the fur, but she soon learned that the Nadraks had little loyalty to other Angaraks.

In 4068, Alten met his wife, Ellette, and in 4071, Davon became a grandfather. His grandson was named Geran II.

In 4077, Alnana died, and Davon became unable to function. He died in 4080, after a pestilence struck Darine, killing him, Alten, and Ellette.