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This page is written in the in-universe perspective of the "Garion" series' of novels.

The Demon Lord Nahaz whispers in Urvon's ear

Demons are supernatural entities in the universe of The Belgariad and The Malloreon

Magicians summon and bind demons to their will in order to work magic. The ritual involves incantations and protective circles drawn on the ground, for if the demon gets free its first goal will be to kill the summoner. Lesser demons appear numerous times in the stories. They are occasionally named, though these names seem to be inventions of their summoners. Their relative rank and power seems to be indicated by size, with names attached to the varying degrees at one point. However, this is not an exact science: the Demon Lord Nahaz almost always used a human-sized form (although his true form was monstrously huge), and summoned demons' shapes and sizes are determined by the imagination of the summoner.


The demon summoned by Chabat breaks free and drags her to hell

Known Demons[]

  • The King of Hell is the ruler of the demons' universe. He constantly strives to break the chains in which he was bound by UL. He once hatched a plot to obtain the Orb of Aldur and the Sardion, in an attempt to use their power to free himself from Hell, and hurl UL into a prison of his making, but failed.
  • Demon Lords are Disciples of the King of Hell, and as such are the most powerful demons alive. They are far beyond the powers of most or all mortal summoners to control, only submitting as part of a deal (usually having ulterior motives in the Demon Lord's favour). It is not even certain that they flee from the power of the Orb, as lesser demons do, though a Demon Lord is shown to be outmatched by the power of a god on one occasion.
    • Nahaz is the chief demon among the Karandese cult. He has waged a long war on Mordja, and sees his role in the War of Destinies, aiding Urvon, as simply a continuation of this. He is defeated and banished by Durnik upon his raising to disciplehood under Aldur.
    • Mordja appears to be the Lord of the Demons in contact with the Morindim. He enters the War of Destinies in aid of Zandramas, opposing Nahaz but with similar goals. Near the end of the conflict, he is trapped in the body of a dragon and killed.