While this character has no official name, the Deranged Hermit that lived in the Southern Forest of the Isle of Verkat was a noted minor character. He seemed to be some kind of illusionist or sorceror who was completely mad but not evil, and Polgara observed that his mind was filled with shadows. He had created various illusions (including the sound of wolves and visual illusions of elephants and darkness) and fireballs to prevent Garion and his party from going through 'his' woods, but was chased off by Polgara's illusion. He was mischievous and liked to play tricks on travelers.

He was described as a tall, gaunt man with wild hair and a very long beard, with twigs and straw clinging to it. He was dressed in a filthy smock, and his bare legs were as white as fish bellies, with knobby knees and broken veins. In one hand he carried a slender stick, which appeared to be a wand.

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