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This page is written in the in-universe perspective of the "Garion" series' of novels.

Baron Derigen owned a castle near Baron Oltorain's castle. They both had perceived that they had mutually insulted each other and were waging a war when they were interrupted by Mandorallen. Mandorallen challenged both and Mandorallen knocked Baron Derigen off his horse on the third try. Then Mandorallen bested Baron Derigen in a sword duel, knocking the latter face-down on the earth and unconscious.

An armored Murgo, really a Grolim in disguise, was twisting their minds to do war with each other (and Durnik knocked the Grolim unconscious).

Derigen staggered to his feet. "I do not yield," he gasped, drawing his sword. "Splendid," Mandorallen replied. "I feared that I might have done thee harm." He slid out of his saddle, drew his sword and swung directly at Derigen's head. The blow glanced off the baron's hastily raised shield, and Mandorallen swung again without pause. Derigen managed one or two feeble swings before Mandorallen's broadsword caught him full on the side of the helmet. He spun once and collapsed facedown on the earth.

"My Lord?" Mandorallen inquired solicitously. He reached down, rolled over his fallen opponent and opened the dented visor of the baron's helmet. "Art thou unwell, my Lord?" he asked. "Dost thou wish to continue?"

Derigen did not reply. Blood ran freely from his nose, and his eyes were rolled back in his head. His face was blue, and the right side of his body quivered spasmodically. - Queen of Sorcery