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TitlesPatriarch of Demos, Archprelate of the Elene Church
First AppearanceThe Diamond Throne

Dolmant was a former Pandion Knight and the Patriarch of Demos in Elenia. He was vital in helping the Church Knights overcome the many stumbling blocks that Makova threw in their paths. Possibly the most worldly of the Hierocracy, it was revealed during the Crisis of the Faith that Dolmant is a former Pandion Knight, and was therefore asked to chair the Hierocracy. During the elections, when Queen Ehlana gave her impassioned speech before the election, she gave a performance that was described as 'inspired' and 'could have only come from God'. Her speech discreetly eliminated every possible candidate for the Archprelacy, save Dolmant. When the introductions and speeches were over, the Hierocracy elected Dolmant to the Archprelacy by way of chanting his name over and over again, electing him by acclaimation. Dolmant hesitantly accepted the honor.

When Sparhawk later made an offhand comment about Dolmant's near-unanimous election as Archprelate to Annias in the Temple of Azash, a look of abject misery crossed the latter's face as he realized that he'd literally sold his soul for nothing; in later years, Sparhawk would come to the conclusion that at that moment, his revenge against Annias for all his sins had been totally complete.