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This page is written in the in-universe perspective of the "Garion" series' of novels.

Dorak Urgas was the oldest son of the late king Taur Urgas and thus a Murgo prince.

When Dorak was a little boy, he used to amuse himself by dropping live puppies into boiling water. Lady Tamazin described him as a monster.

Silk was in Rak Goska for an assignment, negotiating with Taur Urgas. A Tolnedran agent made a few unexplained false charges against Silk, so Taur Urgas sent some soldiers along with Dorak Urgas, out to arrest Silk.

Silk argued with the soldiers as he didn't feel like being arrested, and several of them died during that argument, including Dorak Urgas. Silk had intended a thrust of his knife in the belly, but Dorak Urgas had accidentally bumped Silk's arm and somehow the knife went straight into Dorak's heart. Taur Urgas carried a grudge because of this. He eventually sent half of the Murgo army hot on Silk's heels as Silk made his escape.

(Estimated year of death: 15-20 years before 5382, according to King of the Murgos.)