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The Kingdom of Drasnia was located north of Algaria and west of Gar og Nadrak. Its people were known as the "Drasnians", both country and people being named after its founder Dras Bull-neck. It is one of the four Alorn countries and is a brother nation to Cherek, Algaria and Riva.

While Drasnia was not as wet and humid as Nyissa, its proximity to the Gulf of Cherek meant that a large portion of its area is marshland. The fens and moors at the southwest side of Drasnia were particularly damp and inhospitable. As a whole, Drasnia was humid in the summer and freezing in the winter. Many Drasnian merchants (and spies) said that they became merchants to avoid being in "dear old mucky Drasnia".

The Drasnians were exceptionally skilled in espionage and trade. They had the largest and best intelligence service and merchant group in the world. The two professions are very compatible, and it is said that every Drasnian merchant that one meets abroad is a spy. The Drasnians also invented the secret finger language, the Drasnian Secret Language, a complex and discreet sign language that can be performed in secret while talking about something entirely different. In addition, Drasnian Intelligence provides its allies with valuable information on enemy activities.

In large-scale strategic battles with other armies, common Drasnian soldiers fight as large infantry units armed with pikes, the Drasnian pikemen.

Much of Northern Drasina is used for herding reindeer.

The King of Drasnia during The Belgariad was Silk's uncle Rhodar, but upon Rhodar's death in The Malloreon in 5377, his son Kheva was made king. Kheva's mother, Queen Porenn was named as Regent until Kheva became the age where "he's old enough to take charge himself".