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The Kingdom of Drasnia, situated north of Algaria and west of Gar og Nadrak, derived its name from its founder Dras Bull-neck. The Drasnians, its inhabitants, were renowned for their skills in espionage and trade. Drasnia formed one of the four Alorn countries and shared a brotherly relationship with Cherek, Algaria, and Riva.

Although not as saturated as Nyissa, Drasnia experienced a moderate level of humidity due to its proximity to the Gulf of Cherek. A significant portion of its territory comprised marshlands, with the fens and moors in the southwest being notably damp and inhospitable. Drasnia had a humid climate in the summer and harsh winters. Many Drasnian merchants and spies claimed that they ventured into trade to escape the challenges of residing in the somewhat unpleasant Drasnia.

The Drasnians excelled in espionage and trade, boasting the world's largest and most proficient intelligence service and merchant guild. The two professions were highly compatible, to the extent that every Drasnian merchant encountered abroad was believed to be a spy. The Drasnians even developed a secret finger language known as the Drasnian Secret Language. This complex and discreet sign language allowed them to communicate covertly while discussing unrelated matters. Furthermore, Drasnian Intelligence provided invaluable information on enemy activities to their allies.

In large-scale strategic battles, regular Drasnian soldiers fought as formidable infantry units equipped with pikes, known as the Drasnian pikemen.


Much of Northern Drasina is used for herding reindeer.

Northern Drasnia predominantly served as grazing land for reindeer herding.

During The Belgariad, Silk's uncle Rhodar held the title of King of Drasnia. However, following Rhodar's demise in The Malloreon in 5377, his son Kheva ascended to the throne. Queen Porenn, Kheva's mother, served as Regent until he reached an age where he could assume full control of the kingdom.