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Dogon Country, Mali - Bandiagara Escarpment

Bandiagara Escarpment - only a third of a mile high

The Eastern Escarpment was a massive sheer basalt cliff over a mile above the rubble rising out of the Algarian plains that separated Algaria and the Vale from Mishrack ac Thull and Cthol Murgos. It was created when the Gods combined their wills to create a barrier to prevent the Sea of the East from flooding the Western continent. It was almost unclimbable except for a few secret paths snaking down the cliff and these paths were used by Murgo Raiding Parties that tried to steal Algarian Horses.

Silk knew of a steep stream bed trail to ascend and descend the escarpment.

During the Events of Enchanter's End Game, King Rhodar of Drasnia's Engineers constructed a series of Forts as well as pulleys to help portage Cherek warboats onto the River Mardu that led past the island city of Thull Mardu.