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Queen Ehlana encased in crystal by Keith Parkinson

TitlesQueen of Elenia
First AppearanceThe Diamond Throne

Mentored by Sparhawk since she was little, Queen Ehlana ascended the throne after the assassination of her father, Aldreas, by poisoning. Her long-time association with Sparhawk imparted Ehlana with a highly assertive personality that proved inconvenient to those who sought to manipulate the young queen. She was poisoned by the Primate Annias with the drug darestim, the same poison with which he killed Aldreas, in an attempt to steal the throne of Elenia. The poisoning was discovered before it killed Queen Ehlana and she was magically encased in the titular diamond throne in a state of deep hibernation.

She was eventually cured of the poison by the touch of Bhelliom and she married Sparhawk, who recovered the jewel, shortly thereafter. In the final act of The Elenium, Queen Ehlana gives birth to her daughter Danae, who is later revealed to be an incarnation of the Goddess Aphrael, although Ehlana is kept unaware of her daughter's true identity. In that revelation, it is further explained that Ehlana's poisoning by darestim has rendered her barren and, thus, without Aphrael's 'meddling' in the matter, Ehlana would never have conceived a child.