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Eliar was a young Arum mercenary on his first command when he slew the Aryo of Othos and was captured by his daughter Andine. He was perpetually hungry, and a skilled soldier. The carrier of the Knife (the disguised form of the Book of Dweia). Eliar could open the doors of the house that lead to anywhere or anywhen (in the books described as everywhen and everywhere by Gher).

His word/task was to lead. He defeated Pekhal by cutting his arm off and driving him insane by using the Knife.

At the end of the story, he is married to Andine by Dweia.

What I’m getting at is that everything is connected. Nothing happens in isolation. Eliar’s probably some crude, unschooled barbarian from the back-country of Arum, but he did pick up the knife back in Albron’s arms room. It might have been a whim, but we can’t be sure of that until we test him.
The Redemption of Althalus