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This page is written in the in-universe perspective of the "Garion" series' of novels.
TitlesBaron of Vo Ebor
First AppearanceGuardians of the West

Sir Embrig was a distant nephew and heir of the Baron of Vo Ebor. He attempted to take immediate possession of his distant uncle's estates after the Baron's death, with complete disregard for the feelings of the Baron's widow, Nerina. Mandorallen and Lelldorin stepped in rather quickly on hearing that Embrig had promised Nerina's hand to one of his cronies, and King Korodullin eventually asked Garion to step in. After a spectacular display of force, including summoning lightning and out jousting half the army, Garion negotiated with Embrig and Mandorallen, granting Embrig all of the estates of Vo Ebor, and taking lady Nerina under his protection, eventually granting her hand to Mandorallen.