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This page is written in the in-universe perspective of the "Garion" series' of novels.

Eriond as young Errand
TitlesErrand, God of the Angaraks
First AppearanceMagician's Gambit

Eriond, often called Errand, was originally meant to be the God of the Angaraks until a 'Great Accident' (revealed to be cosmic in origin) caused Torak to be born instead. Eriond thereafter existed in spirit until about the time that Zedar began his journey in search of the Orb of Aldur. Errand then appeared as a child to Zedar and allowed himself to be used in Zedar's plot to take the Orb.

The name "Errand" is not derived from "Eriond", but is simply the only word that he, in his child form, was able to remember for many years. In this form, Errand was raised as Polgara's ward. By the time he had become an adult, by human terms, the time for the Great Choice was to be made. The Choice was made by the Seeress of Kell, and caused him to be made God of the Angaraks. It was stated that once ascending to his full Godhood, he would also become the God of the Dals, and would eventually replace all of the other Gods as the God of all races. He takes no totem animal, but is frequently accompanied by an unusual stallion who is simply named Horse.


Errand offers the Orb to Garion

Early Life[]

Little is known of his early life until age six, at which time he was found on the streets by Zedar. Zedar then raised him at various locations throughout the world until Zedar used him to steal the Orb of Aldur. When Zedar came through Cthol Murgos on the way to Mallorea, Eriond and the Orb were captured. He was then rescued by Belgarath, and fled Rak Cthol as it crumbled into nonexistence. He then accompanied Belgarath back to Riva. After the death of Torak, Eriond was raised by Durnik and Polgara in the Vale of Aldur.



Errand with the Orb

Eriond was infamous for rushing into situations. He was considered more intelligent than Belgarion by Belgarath, although he was less adventuresome than Belgarion.

He was often called a "beautiful child" by onlookers such as Lady Merel and Queen Porenn.

Errand had never had a family before, and the sense of belonging was new to him. Everything around him seemed colored, overshadowed almost, by the fact that he was now included in a small, tightly knit group of people bound together by love.
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