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Faldor's farm is a small farming community located in central Sendaria. The area surrounding the farm, is what is used to be know as the District of Erat. Garion grew up there, supervised by Polgara the Sorceress, and occasionally Belgarath The Sorcerer. The farm is described as a series of outlying buildings, barns, sheds, and houses facing a central point. There is also mention of a small pond that freezes over during the winter. It was a very homey place which had a smithy, kitchen, fields, and places where the workers of the farm could take residence.

The farm was known for its food, made famous by Polgara during her tenure, for 100 leagues in any direction, even going as far as saying that grown men had openly wept when they heard of the culinary miracles from Faldor's. The farm and land was owned by Faldor the farmer, and extended family.

During the theft of the Orb of Aldur, Faldor's became the focal point of an infiltration attempt (by Brill/Kordoch) on the last surviving male heir the throne in Riva, but was ultimately foiled by the Sorcerer, Belgarath, and his daughter Polgara.

At Faldor's, during his childhood Garion was kept ignorant of his birthright, even until after the events proceeding his time there, although, he had noticed a mark on his palm that signified a guardian of the Orb.

Durnik, a blacksmith working at the farm was a childhood mentor and lifelong friend of Garion. It was conveyed that Durnik taught Garion the core Sendarian values, such as pride in ones work, honesty, and many others. Durnik later volunteered to accompany the small family away from the farm during the orb crisis, first because he wanted to protect Garion and Polgara, but because the Prophecy of Light encouraged him to fulfill his destiny.

Garion had a number of childhood friends, Doroon, Zubrette, and Rundorig, During a playfight Garion almost killed, Rundorig, when he was cut on the head, forcing the Godslayer persona to manifest itself.

Garion returned after the recovery of the Orb with Polgara and Ce'Nedra. It was only a short stay so that Garion could learn that he could never return to live there. He said his goodbyes to his childhood friends and left for Riva.

The first thing the boy Garion remebered was the kitchen at Faldor's farm. For all the rest of his life he had a special warm feeling for kitchens and those peculiar sounds and smells that seemed somehow to combine into a bustling seriousness that had to do with love and food and comfort and security and, above all, home. - Pawn of Prophecy