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Gar Og Nadrak by Shelly Shapiro

Gar og Nadrak was an Angarak nation. The people were known as Nadraks. Its capital city was Yar Nadrak. It was on the eastern coast of the Western Continent, at the Sea of the East. It was bordered on the south by Mishrak ac Thull and on the west by Drasnia and Algaria. De jure the northnmost territory of Gar og Nadrak (known as Morindland) extended far north of the world's Arctic Circle, but this land was in fact controlled by the nomadic tribes of the Morindim. The Nadrak king during the time of King Belgarion of Riva was Drosta Lek Thun, who in the character of his people, held court in a tavern.

Pol by Jammilicious

Polgara in the mode of dress of a Nadrak woman.

Gar og Nadrak was largely unpopulated, save for roving Morindim in the far north, until Torak drove his Angaraks from Mallorea across the land bridge to the Western Continent. Mistaking the social classes of Cthol Mishrak for racial divisions, Torak settled them in separate nations. The Nadraks were the merchant class. Most Nadraks had a dislike for the arrogant Murgos who ostensibly ruled Angarak society, and sometimes formed wary friendships and alliances with those from the Western Kingdoms, particularly Drasnia. Notable Nadraks include Drosta; the often drunk Yarblek, Silk's business partner; and Yarblek's slave Vella, an expert dancer in the Nadrak style, who was befrended by Porenn and later joined with Beldin and they flew of as banded hawks.

Gar og nadrak, by Lightdrop

by Lightdrop

Geography and Climate: Gar og Nadrak along the Northern Caravan Route and in the mountains seems to have a number of ugly makeshift towns and settlements, largely around the mining economy. Belgarath and Rablek managed to find themselves a significant gold vein there. The rivers were muddy. There was a very large, largely uninhabited Nadrak Forest that ran northward until the Land of the Morindim. Occasionally there were deer or elk or wolves that roamed in the Nadrak Forest.