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Geoff Taylor is one of the most notable painters of David Eddings work, including over a dozen book jackets and the interior illustrations for The Rivan Codex.


Born Lancaster, England in 1946. Educated at Eckington Westfield School in Sheffield, followed by a 3 year Graphic design course at Chesterfield College of Art. After Five years or so of working in Advertising agencies in Nottingham, Geoff turned to illustrations and book cover art.

One of Geoff's first commission was in 1976 for Counter Clock World, by Philip K. Dick, in turn this has led to him illustrating covers for most of the top Science Fiction/Fantasy writers of our time, including JRR Tolkien, Raymond E. Feist, David & Leigh Eddings, Roger Zelazny, David Zindell. And illustrations for Michelle Paver's Chronicles of Ancient Darkness series, plus many other authors, and for several publishing companies around the world. Geoff was one of the illustrators for the legendary Jeff Waynes Musical Version of The War of the Worlds album.

Since 1991, the year of 'The Fantasy Art of Geoff Taylor', he has painted some of the rich imagery for "Games Workshop" and their unique Warhammer World, in addition to painting covers for the Black Library, an offshoot of Games Workshop, and gaming cards for Sabertooth Games.

Perhaps his true passions are best reflected in his wolf art and other wildlife paintings, and burgeoning photographic record of the deer, and landscapes in Cumbria, where he now lives with his wife.


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