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This page is written in the in-universe perspective of the "Garion" series' of novels.

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Geran I

Geran I (3996-4066) was the youngest grandson of Gorek, the King of Riva during the late 40th century, and the only survivor of the massacre that wiped out the Rivan Line in 4002. He was rescued by Polgara, who raised him in seclusion at her house at Lake Erat.

At sixteen, he and Polgara travelled to Muros in Sendaria, where he became apprenticed to the cattle buyer Hattan. In 4012, he married Hattan's daughter Eldara; in 4013, she gave him a son, Davon.

With his father-in-law's considerable wealth and his own hard work, Geran soon became a fixture in Muros; Davon's marriage to Alnana in 4039 was the social event of that year. Two years later, in 4041, Geran became the grandfather to Alten.

In 4051, Geran was approached by Oldrick, the Earl of Muros, to stand for election to the town council. Much to his sadness, Polgara talked him out of it, insisting that the ensuing scrutiny might alert some passing Grolim to his presence.

Not long afterwards, the family was forced to return to Lake Erat when word got out of Geran's lineage. Geran spent the rest of his life at Polgara's house before finally passing away in 4066.