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This page is written in the in-universe perspective of the "Garion" series' of novels.
Prince Geran


Zandramas holds the young prince

TitlesCrown Prince of Riva, Child of Dark
First AppearanceGuardians of the West

Geran (and more accurately, Geran VI) was the son of Belgarion and Ce'Nedra. He was born approximately eight years after the wedding. He was kidnapped seemingly by the Bear-Cult but after a siege at Rheon it was revealed to Garion and his companions that Geran had actually been kidnapped by Zandramas, the Child Of Dark.

The Malloreon[]

During The Malloreon, Geran was abducted by Zandramas. Being Belgarion's son, Geran could wield the Orb Of Aldur without dying. Belgarion and his party pursued Zandramas and Geran. During that time Geran seemed to be able to walk and say a few select words such as "Ball" and "Stars".

The Event[]

During THE EVENT at the end of Seeress Of Kell, Zandramas chose Geran as her successor as Child of Dark. When Cyradis chose Eriond (Child Of Light), the spirit of the Child Of Dark left Geran and disappeared forever.


Father: King Belgarion

Mother: Queen Ce'Nedra

Sibling: Beldaran

Ultimate Grandfather: Belgarath

Ultimate Grandmother: Poledra


Unrak who takes the form as a bear when Geran is in danger.