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Ghend is a servant of the god Daeva and the primary antagonist of the Redemption of Althalus. He is the 'evil' counterpart to Althalus and carries and is able to use the Book of Daeva. His primary goal is to defeat Althalus, Dweia and the rest of the group.

Althalus first met Ghend at Nabjor's Camp in the Forests of Hule. Ghend hired Althalus to steal the Book of Deiwos from the House at the End of the World. It is later revealed that Ghend is an agent of Daeva.

Ghend is ancient, being approximately 10,000 years old at the time of the story. He wears a black cloak, an archaic bronze helmet and carries the Book of Daeva on his person at all times. He has glowing red eyes which glow due to Ghend's own evil and not the influence of Daeva.

Ghend is able to use the Book of Daeva to change the past and future in the form of dreams. Whenever Ghend is present near Althalus, or is using the Book of Daeva, a wailing sound can be heard.

At the end of the book, Ghend is destroyed alongside Khnom and the Book of Daeva by Althalus and Eliar, who open a door to Nowhere and Nowhen, effectively erased from existence.