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This page is written in the in-universe perspective of the "Garion" series' of novels.

Gorim is the name and title of the leader of the Ulgo people and the High Priest of UL, as well as the given name of the first of those leaders, ever since the first Gorim who convinced UL to accept the godless ones under his protection.

A new Gorim is chosen each generation, identified by blue eyes, as blue eyes is the mark of the new Gorim since Ulgos have dark eyes.

In Magician's Gambit, the present Gorim was over 300 years old, he was near the end of his time and wanted to find the next Gorim so that he could pass. He was a saintly, benevolent man with a lot of patience.

In Magician's Gambit, Gorim conflicts with Relg, the zealot. Relg preaches against the Gorim, creating distrust in the caves. UL himself descends to gently rebuke Relg. UL praises the work of the Gorim, shaming Relg for his arrogance.

When Belgarath and the traveling companions visited the caves on their quest for the Orb, the Gorim referred to Nedra as a "stuffy but serviceable God" in a conversation with Ce'Nedra.

When Ce'Nedra is left behind in the caves under the protection of UL, the Gorim forms a friendship with her.

Gorim lived for many lifetimes; and after him, each High Priest of UL was named Gorim and lived to a great age. - Magician's Gambit