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This page is written in the in-universe perspective of the "Garion" series' of novels.

Grul was an Eldrak that lived in the mountains of Ulgoland.

Grul first met Belgarath just after the splitting of the Alorn kingdoms and the recovery of the Orb of Aldur. Grul asked Belgarath's name, and Belgarath hoped that his name would intimidate the Eldrak. It did not. Grul's tusks prevented him from producing Belgarath's name, instead saying "Grat". Grul attempted to seize Belgarath, but the old man sliced Grul's stomach open with his hidden Alorn knife. Grul was decisively miserable, and Belgarath gave him sinew and a needle to fix his stomach.

Three thousand years later, Belgarath, Garion and company encountered Grul with a pack of rock-wolves. Durnik devised a way to scare off the rock-wolves, and Grul was forced to fight them alone. Grul had acquired scavenged armour across the years, and was a formidable opponent. Mandorallen attempted to attack Grul with his lance, but Grul was far too quick. Mandorallen was injured and crippled. Durnik was also knocked out. Meanwhile, Belgarath transformed him into a wolf and joined the fray. When the battle was helpless, Garion and Polgara summoned Poledra to the battle. Grul was unable to harm Poledra. Barak was injured, but Belgarath was able to hamstring Grul, forcing him onto his knees. Barak, Mandorallen, Hettar and Silk assaulted him, and Hettar managed to pierce the creature's lung. Finally, Silk rammed a knife into Grul's skull, killing him